ChatGPT, new Avatars and more!🥳

Hi from Elai 🤗

We have something yummy for you😲 I hope you are as excited as we are so let’s dive in!

The days of writing some content to the video manually are long gone😎
Welcome and hello to our Gpt 3 Text Generator which allows you to create unique scripts for your videos from scratch without any significant effort. Simply write a query, select a video template, and choose a virtual AI avatar. That’s as easy as a pie! 🤗

Our team has released new HD Avatars: Gia, Cody, Alma, Tyler, and Olivia. We have improved the lipsync and the overall quality of talking digital presenters that will play into your hands🎉

We are happy to announce that the subtitles are available for all voices, including even premium ones. Now we also support subtitles for horizontal, vertical, and square video formats🚀

We have also developed a Video generation API that allows you to make videos based on different types of content at scale only by its URL.

Stay tuned! We will come back with more updates soon.

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