Elai Builder new update! July 2022

Hi guys!

It’s Irene from Elai.io Team, and I am here with great news!

You all have been asking for it for a long time, and we are really excited to finally launch our exclusive feature.  Please welcome: link-to-video, beta version!

To learn more, check out the video update from our Product Manager Sasha😉 You have already received it in our newsletter via email.

And as usual, here is the list of all of our latest updates, short and sweet:

— link/text-to-video - beta version;
texttovideo.gif 517.72 KB

— improved builder UI

— vertical and square video dimensions (+templates!)
vertical.gif 1.09 MB

— stock background options are blurred by default

Untitled (3).png 195.89 KB

That’s it for today!
Stay tuned and don’t forget to leave your requests and comments regarding new Elai Builder features. 
We’ll be happy to deliver new exciting updates for you.