New Improved
over 1 year ago

Product Update: new design, Zapier integration and more!

Hello, Elai community! 👋

We have a brand new look: both the website and the builder. We feel like it is much more modern and cooler, and we hope you feel the same. 😎

We have also made the builder more convenient: not you can easily track your minutes in the My Profile tab, and contact the sales team directly from there if needed. Play a video with music before rendering to make sure everything looks and sounds right (please note that you still need to render to make the avatar move). 🚀

The music library UI is improved, so now setting the mood for your video will be even more pleasant. 🤗

What is more, we have integrated with Zapier. Here's to no-code automation! 🎉

We hope you like it! Now, how about creating some new AI videos? 🎬

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