Yummy March Update😋

Hi from Elai 🥳

We know that you are hungry for some tasty updates from Elai. Let’s take a look at our new features! 🥳

We value our customers’ time so we added folders to the “Videos” section. You no longer need to be littered with tons of videos on the desktop. Structure and organize video creation workflow by creating folders for your projects. Drag and drop your videos to the folders and filter them easily. 😎

Now the working canvas can adapt easily to the screen size as it stretches according to screen format. That allows users to keep the changes and edit the video while formatting the screen size. Isn’t it amazing?😱

Welcome to our new animations. Now you can adjust the animations according to your needs by setting up the appearance time, changing their duration, and selecting the easing type of the animations. 🚀

We are happy to release a new option that allows a more customized approach to video creation. Now you can add your own branded fonts to your builder.😲

Have you tried our new features yet? 🤗
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