Product Update: Interactive Speech Editor and Animation Marks📝

Hi from Elai!🚀

We are thrilled to announce a major product update that brings a whole new level of creativity and interactivity to our platform 💻 Our team has been hard at work, and we are excited to present three amazing features that will revolutionize the way you create and deliver engaging content. 🧠

Say hello to our brand-new Interactive Speech Editor! 🌈 Now, you have complete control over the way your words are spoken. With the ability to add pauses and write phonemes for correct pronunciation, you can truly personalize your video content. It is possible to modify the pronunciation without impacting the subtitles. As an illustration, for, you can represent the phonetic sound as "Elai dot eyeo" in writing.🌍

Sometimes words alone aren't enough to convey your message effectively. That's why we're introducing animation marks that allow you to highlight specific text and pair it with dynamic animations, visual elements, and media. 🔥 If you have a bullet list, you can connect each object with the text by adding the marks right in the text field. As your Avatar mentions them, the corresponding bullet marks will appear.

We understand the importance of seamless integration with existing tools, which is why we're excited to bring you the ability to transform PPTX files into stunning video projects. ⚡️Once you've converted your presentation into a video, you can conveniently edit the text, media, and animations on your slides. Each object from your PPTX will be converted into a dynamic element in your video. 📲Furthermore, any notes included in the presentation will be transformed into speech text.

Thank you for being a part of our journey, and we look forward to seeing your creativity unleashed with these powerful tools! 😱
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Big December Update 🎉

Hi from Elai! 👋

We have some good news for you! We are so happy to announce that new everyone is able to generate an AI Selfie Avatar of themselves by simply uploading video footage made on a web camera or smartphone and get an Avatar in no time! 🎥

Don’t worry! You will be given step-by-step instructions for perfect footage creation. Now you can completely clone yourself with our Voice cloning feature to make your digital twin. The future is here! 📲💻📸

Our team has released 6 HD Avatars: Amanda, Kamal, Aniqa, Carlos, Mia and Terry. Our beloved Cartoon Mascot Cat now is available in the builder for you as well. 🎬

Exit animations are the right solution for those who’d like to spice up the videos and make them more engaging and dynamic. 🚀

We are glad to welcome our new trial! New users will get 1 minute to generate any kind of video content and test all features.

We have also added a Price calculator to our website so now you can easily calculate the monthly or annual cost of any required number of minutes.

Thank you for choosing Elai! 🤗
Don’t forget to leave your feedback or requests on this board and engage with fellow Elai users. We value your opinion and will consider it for the further improvement of our service.

Stay tuned! We will come back with more updates soon. 😎
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New Product Update: Custom templates

Hi guys! 👋

New updates have been released! I hope you are as excited as we are so let’s dive in! 🚀

The first feature to share is the Custom template option for Text-to-video and E-commerce. Create your own Custom template with the most suitable design and generate video content faster with Elai! 😎

We are happy to inform you that now you can insert pauses and template tags with any value by selecting a text in the text area. Pauses and subtitles are available for our premium voice as well! Isn’t it wonderful?😱

Video sharing is now automized for any social media platform. Well, your videos will simply look great! 🎉

Are you keen on video creation with Elai? Let’s get started!
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Product Update: Malik, Rose and Jade are waiting for you!

Hello, Elai community! 👋

We know that you are hungry for some tasty updates from Elai. Welcome our new high-quality Avatars - Malik, Rose, and Jade. Change the size of the new Avatars right in the builder to make your content more professional-looking! 🎉

We have released an E-Commerce feature so now you can make product overview videos by simply providing the product title, description, and some photos! 💻

The Elements library has a new interface too. Make your content more captivating with new stickers, gifs and two new animation options: “Fade from top” and “Fade from bottom”! 🚀

We hope you will enjoy the new Elai features! 🤗
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Product Update: new interface, speech-free slides and more!

Hi from Elai! 👋

The new product update is already here. We are focused on UI and UX design to make our software much easier to use. Video creation has become more convenient with the new Music library interface.

The slide sidebar look has changed as well so now you can see a small detailed thumbnail of each slide right in your builder. 😱

The transition button is also new which makes it more pleasant to generate videos with Elai!

The most important feature is the speech-free option that allows you to make completely silent slides. You can choose the duration of pauses too. 🎉

We are still working on improving our product to make all our users satisfied! There are a lot of improvements yet to come so stay tuned! 🤗
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Product Update: new design, Zapier integration and more!

Hello, Elai community! 👋

We have a brand new look: both the website and the builder. We feel like it is much more modern and cooler, and we hope you feel the same. 😎

We have also made the builder more convenient: not you can easily track your minutes in the My Profile tab, and contact the sales team directly from there if needed. Play a video with music before rendering to make sure everything looks and sounds right (please note that you still need to render to make the avatar move). 🚀

The music library UI is improved, so now setting the mood for your video will be even more pleasant. 🤗

What is more, we have integrated with Zapier. Here's to no-code automation! 🎉

We hope you like it! Now, how about creating some new AI videos? 🎬

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Elai Builder update! August 2022

Hi there!

It’s Irene from the Team, and I am happy to announce our latest update
We have been working on adding the most requested features for even more easy and fun video creation.
Hope that you guys will like it! 

Our goal is to make your video creation process as easy and automated as possible. This time, we have upgraded the Color palette feature so you can change colors with ease - find the Color Wheel below your video slide.

elai august2.gif 1.2 MB

But there is also something groundbreaking... we made it, so you can translate your videos into one of the 69 languages with a single click.

elai august.gif 720.03 KB

That's it for today. 
Stay tuned and thank you for choosing Elai!

We will come back soon with exciting updates and new features! new voices and much more! July 2022

Hi guys! 

It's Irene from Team, and I am here with some fantastic news.

Well, you asked, and we did it. Are you ready? 

We are happy to inform you that we have added new ultra-realistic voices in a user-friendly language menu.
Now you can make your videos even more dazzling by selecting from a variety of tags to get the perfect voice for your needs. Available on the Elai Advanced and Corporate plans.

elai.gif 459.27 KB

Deleted videos bin 
If you accidentally remove a video, it can be recovered instantly from the deleted videos folder.

elai1.gif 786.31 KB

That’s all for today. Thank you for choosing Elai! 

Don’t forget to leave your feedback or requests on this board and engage with fellow Elai users. We value your opinion and will consider it for the further improvement of our service. 

Stay tuned! We will be back soon with more updates. 

Elai Builder new update! July 2022

Hi guys!

It’s Irene from Team, and I am here with great news!

You all have been asking for it for a long time, and we are really excited to finally launch our exclusive feature.  Please welcome: link-to-video, beta version!

To learn more, check out the video update from our Product Manager Sasha😉 You have already received it in our newsletter via email.

And as usual, here is the list of all of our latest updates, short and sweet:

— link/text-to-video - beta version;
texttovideo.gif 517.72 KB

— improved builder UI

— vertical and square video dimensions (+templates!)
vertical.gif 1.09 MB

— stock background options are blurred by default

Untitled (3).png 195.89 KB

That’s it for today!
Stay tuned and don’t forget to leave your requests and comments regarding new Elai Builder features. 
We’ll be happy to deliver new exciting updates for you.

New update & a special offer from Elai Team! June 2022

 Hi there! 

This is Irene from Team. I am happy to announce some really exciting news for you guys. 

Elai has just turned 1 year old! 
This is a big occasion for us, and the whole team couldn't be more thankful and happy to be on this journey together with you. To celebrate the occasion, we have launched a special offer on the custom avatar creation. 
Now you can get your custom own avatar for only $300, with a 40% discount. Don’t miss the opportunity and make sure to request your own digital presenter before the deal ends.
You can contact us via [email protected] to get your own custom avatar. 

And of course, we could not leave you without new features. 

The highly requested auto-captions are now here and available for our paid plan users. To render your video with auto-captions, press the button above your slide.

subtitles.gif 246.62 KB

We have also added an option to filter the avatars by looks. Choose the needed look from the drop-down list and pick the avatar you like the most.

avatars.gif 1.92 MB

Thank you for choosing Elai! 
Don’t forget to leave your feedback or requests on this board and engage with fellow Elai users. We value your opinion and will consider it for the further improvement of our service. 

Stay tuned! We will come back with more updates soon.

The most requested features are here! May 2022

Hi there!
It’s Irene from the Support team, and I am happy to announce our latest update
This month, our team has been working on adding the most requested features, and we hope that you guys will enjoy it.

Please, welcome 8 new digital avatars and their various looks — from a casual one to a doctor. Now, you can use them to bring even more creativity to your videos. We at Elai strive for diversity, and always do our best to provide you with avatars that will fit any of the needed audiences. We have also added filters to Elai Builder, so now it’s easier than ever to find the necessary looks.

Another important update — now you can also layer your avatars. You can bring them to the front and to the back, just like any other video element. 

Say hello to the long-awaited Elai API! We have worked hard so you can create endless personalized videos from just one draft in a few clicks, and more. 
See the documentation here:

There is something else — I am sure you will be excited! 
We are introducing Elai vertical and square videos. Now, there is even more space for your creativity. Awe your users and friends by posting an AI video on TikTok, Instagram stories and more! 

We want to say thank you for choosing Elai! Don’t forget to leave your feedback or requests on this board and engage with fellow Elai users. We value your opinion and will consider it for the further improvement of our service. 

Stay tuned! We will be back soon with more updates.


Updateds & Improvements! March 2022

Hello everyone! team is pleased to announce new features and improvements of our online video redactor!

Check out our YouTube channel to see the visualization

Here's a shortlist of al new features. Now you can:
· replace avatars on all slides
chosen Avatar applies to every slide!

· increase slide duration limit to what avatar allows
up to 60 seconds!

· make rounded edges on rectangles in the editor
now the edges are round!

Stay tuned for our latest updates! team

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