Elai Builder update! August 2022

Hi there!

It’s Irene from the Elai.io Team, and I am happy to announce our latest update
We have been working on adding the most requested features for even more easy and fun video creation.
Hope that you guys will like it! 

Our goal is to make your video creation process as easy and automated as possible. This time, we have upgraded the Color palette feature so you can change colors with ease - find the Color Wheel below your video slide.

elai august2.gif 1.2 MB

But there is also something groundbreaking... we made it, so you can translate your videos into one of the 69 languages with a single click.

elai august.gif 720.03 KB

That's it for today. 
Stay tuned and thank you for choosing Elai!

We will come back soon with exciting updates and new features!